Nursing is tough.  And it can beat you down, and emotionally drain the soul out of your life if you let it.  Nursing can have you wondering at times how many years you can keep nursing on, and if there is another profession that is out there for you.  But at the end of the day, you know this was your calling, and it will always be the self-reward that nursing brings to your life.

Surely other facilities can’t be this bad? Are all emergency departments, “like this?” Maybe another unit/facility/city will be different?  Let me put that to rest.  I have worked in Emergency Department’s and hospitals across this beautiful USA.  There is a universal trend.  Nursing, is not like we think it is before we became RN’s.  And I am here to teach you how to understand it and fall in love with it.

Get your stethoscope ready nurses, because you’re going to want to listen and auscultate well.  Pun intended.  #sorry #getusetothese



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