When I was a little kid growing up in Hershey Pennsylvania, I would see a drop of blood and instantly pass out.  I lost a few teeth that way, and did a great job knocking myself out on the downfall.   But I was determined to be a nurse, no matter how many times I went down.

A million YouTube Surgeries later, I enrolled in drug studies that would require endless blood draws, and finally I had desensitized myself enough that I could at least ween myself into procedures slowly but surely without hitting the ground.  Now you can find me volunteering to holding the unattached limb, or putting my hands into the cracked chest if a doctor needs it.

I’m a West Virginia University Mountaineer graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, and a minor in Communications.  When I realized my de-sensitization was working and being around blood could be an option, I took off to Metropolitan University of Denver with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing.   Now I am proud to call myself Jennifer G. BSN-RN, with certifications in TNCC, PALS, ACLS, CPI, and a few others.

I’ve been a travel nurse for Supplemental Healthcare for over 4 years now, with over 6 Emergency Department assignments both Adult and Pediatric.   Colorado and California have “home-base”, if you can call 2 states home.  I was a candidate for the Doctor Oz “nurse search” and currently am working on my first book.  I’m obsessed with Olympic Weightlifting, and continue to compete in the sport.

But don’t ever trust me around a box of cereal.